Mar 16, 2017aaboonews and thoughts

Milika, means a warm and shy smile full of innocence and liveliness in the red light area that Purnata works in Mumbai. But unfortunately her life didn’t have much light. She has had long bouts of absence from school due to the lack of finances at home. Her mother a lady working in the area took a long time to convince, to send her daughter to school.

But a few months down the line her mother pulled her out again due to inability to pay fees. Excuse after excuse came from the mother, anything to keep her daughter from school. A need of RS.10,000 was there to put that little girl back to school and complete here studies.

An update on the same had been shared in our February 2017 newsletter that gets circulated to Purnata’s well wishers and friends around the world.

A friend immediately responded taking care of Milika’s education and sent across the whole amount. It was a flurry of events since then. A visit to the Headmaster and class teacher helped relieve Milika’s fear of being shouted at or beaten for being absent for 2 months. Also, she was afraid of her friends in class who would make fun of her.

With a bright face and great joy she has returned to school, once again getting an opportunity into a brighter tomorrow and have her childhood restored. Thanks to our dear friend, like whom many help us make dreams and desires of many stories like Milika’s come true.

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