Mar 15, 2017aaboonews and thoughts

Greetings from Purnata’s desk…

Week before last was very busy. Trainings, Planning’s and Board meetings. From Sunday to Saturday our days and times were packed. Yet they were fruitful times of reflection, brainstorming, praying and looking forward with hope. Thank you, Dr. K O John, for leading us in three days of a Life Revision Seminar. It was deep, intense and life changing. Thank you, Board members who came from, far & wide – all the way from Dubai, Bhubaneshwar and Pune!

We have been always experiencing God’s faithfulness when it comes to finances. More so as last two months have been tough with Purnata experiencing the lowest dip in our finances since we began. Our funds were low towards the end of the month.

In January we saw a miracle with a sudden fund inflow on the last day out of the blue. “Out of the blue” humanly speaking but sovereignly maneuvered divinely. behind the scenes. Several times I gave cheques without any money in the Bank and just in time money would be there when the cheques were to be realised. However, in February we didn’t see any such miracle. Apart from being a shorter month our fund inflow has been less this month. We have had to delay salaries by a few days for the first time since Purnata began.

Inspite of the difficulties, the temptation to give up and the feeling that God didn’t come through with the help of friends and looking back on ow I began Purnata helped me give me fresh perspective and assurance. We managed to pay up all salaries and rents. Still more is needed for March but our commitments are kept for now. Don’t ask me how or from where. I just know it’s happening despite the delays and struggles - running Purnata has been an amazing adventure. My God never ceases to amaze!!!

And guess what? Last week we got an opportunity served in a platter, to partner with Humans of Bombay and Ketto to do a campaign for 20 lakhs for the work we are doing!!! The campaign is live for 20 days. Do help us achieve this target by giving generously and sharing with your friends, relatives and contacts. Yours to end human trafficking.

aaboo :-)