Jan 1, 2017aaboonews and thoughts

It’s now the beginning of a new year. It’s also, about two months since my first visit to the US. It was a visit of about 25 days and 7 cities a fruitful visit in many ways and another learning phase in my life. I made about 100 contacts and engaged with about 3 churches by sharing a message challenging them for Integral Mission or about Purnata.

New Years are good times to Introspect, to look back thank God for what He has accomplished through us and leave behind some things for other things. It’s also a good time to Prospect too to look forward, do course corrections and recommit to God’s bigger plan and purpose.


We did amazing programs and made wonderful connections. We achieved a lot as a young organization in only its third year.

  • We hosted large teams of 9 to 18.
  • We went boldly after traffickers to make their lives difficult.
  • Our staff (the real heroes) put their lives at risk serving people in difficult circumstances and often putting their lives in danger
  • We rescued 6 girls in rescue operations with the police.
  • We helped rescue 3 girls from the Red Light Area and added laughter & joy apart from bringing hope to many more in the same area.
  • We trained 6 girls in life skills and livelihoods training
  • We have arranged the marriage of one girl after her training and job placement. Today she is doing well with the support of others from the new community they both are part of.
  • We sang the national anthem in a large 5 star hotel with our survivors.
  • We took bold steps in cleaning up the red light area we serve and thus making friends and enemies.
  • Divya took the bold step of sharing her story to a larger audience using the Humans of Bombay platform. She is one of our heroes and may her tribe increase.
  • We have seen Bollywood star, Richa Chadda support the work of Purnata and fight human trafficking and make a video promoting Purnata’s work. Watch it here
  • We have been featured in the Radio One breakfast show “Good Morning Mumbai” with Hrishi K. Listen here
  • We have seen our staff team grow from 3 to 8 to 13.
  • As the organization is growing there are birth pangs and various struggles in just getting things organized in areas ranging from HR, Admin and Finance apart from getting our field work to be more professional and better documented.
  • There have been months where I almost wanted to throw in the towel. Wondering why God called me into such a work - while we give our best and often everything, we struggle for resources almost every month.
  • Most of all we trusted God for our ever-increasing financial needs month by month and came through humbler just to see how amazingly God surprised us and provided, never letting us down.
  • The cleaning drive has just begun. In partnership with Upasana (partner NGO) we intend to overcome the hurdles we face from the gala owners and the mentality of the women to get the Red Light Area to be a cleaner, brighter and better place. We intend the light to drive away darkness.
  • We want many more women to leave the life of misery and hopelessness to enter into a life of hope and joy and peace. We want to recommit ourselves for that this coming year – to do whatever it takes.
  • We will not be satisfied with small goals. We set our eyes on seeing an end to all form of exploitation and human trafficking in the red light area we serve. We dream of seeing a place where there is hope and zero trafficking of any kind.
  • We are looking forward to help rehabilitate and train at least 40-50 girls giving them a chance at life – empowering them to such an extent that they themselves become a blessing to other women.
  • We will not spare an opportunity to make known this evil crime of human trafficking and warn civil society using whatever means possible - thus increasing the risk of traffickers.
  • We will make every effort to prevent trafficking at source and reduce the demand for all forms of human trafficking.
  • We intend to give better staff care and support to help them be people who will continue to bring hope and wholeness in this world.
  • We are working hard to make Purnata sustainable and be able to have sufficient funds to be able to fight whatever it takes to end human trafficking.
  • We will continue to trust God to help us focus our strategy, strengthen our feeble hands and trust Him for all our needs

Thank you again - for the generosity you all have shown, for praying for us and for believing and standing with us. It made a difference in helping us protect and serve the vulnerable to trafficking.

aaboo :-)