May 5, 2015aaboonews and thoughts
Opportunistic Trafficking

What is it that makes human beings ruthlessly prey on the vulnerability of children, here caused through natural disaster? Is it the greed of man? Or is it that they themselves have been victims in some form of abuse? Or have they not seen compassion in their parents? What do you think? It has baffled me and breaks my heart to think that traffickers are prowling the ruins of a battered Nepal, prowling on children to traffic them.

It is estimated that the earthquake in Nepal has killed 8,000 and injured nearly 20,000 and worsens by the day. At least 950,000 children in Nepal are in makeshift tents, on the streets or simply out of school and will not be able to return for months unless urgent action is taken. All classrooms are closed until May 29,

In recent years Nepal would have lost atleast 200,000 girls to cross-border trafficking and exploitation.

The Nepali Government has been issuing radio broadcasts warning parents not to leave their children unguarded and to look out for suspicious people trying to talk to girls in the many camps that have suddenly emerged.

Lets continue to remember and help rebuild this broken nation while protecting their daughters.