Jan 18, 2015aaboonews and thoughts

Its been an exciting journey over the last couple of months where we have seen a lot happen. The highlight ofcourse was the trip to Assam to help Divya meet her long lost family of 18 years. While the mission was extremely successful, it was also because we saw God prepare the way for us by having the right people in the right places at the right time. It was also our first experience doing live tweets of the program, step by step.

Reconciliation of a survivor of trafficking with her family after 18 years! This truly is a story that thrills us each time we recount it.

Divya had a neighbour whom she treated like a brother. He promised to get her away from the poverty into a good job. She was brought to Mumbai and sold to stay & work with a family. When she was 9 years of age the family sold her to the brothel. Divya tried running away several times but was caught each time. She couldn’t leave because she owed a “debt” to the brothel keeper. One day she was rescued in a police raid and then taken for rehabilitation. The Child Welfare Committee referred her for rehabilitation to an NGO. There she was cared for and sent for a Jawed Habib Hair styling & L’Oreal course. Today she works in a Jawed Habib salon in Mumbai earning pretty decently. In December we helped her to find her lost parents and family members. We managed to find her mother (her father passed away), sister and two brothers apart from a cousin after 18 years of separation! A fuller report of the trip will follow soon.