Nov 1, 2014aaboonews and thoughts
Building Awareness

Purnata staff travelled extensively these last five months to conferences, schools, colleges, churches, events and seminars raising awareness about human trafficking, children/families at risk, especially our role in combating and stopping modern day slavery in our generation. We also use movies like One Life – NoPrice (UNODC production) among others to help raise awareness. We intend to use newspaper articles, blogs, social media, short promotional videos and trafficking response kits to continue this fight. Our goal is straightforward: flag this issue with as many influencers as possible, so they, in turn, can be advocates for those enslaved, poor and destitute.

Purnata awareness workshops and seminars come with a message and approach based on Purnata core values. This focuses on building the participants critical thinking and empowering them to speak out on the issue in their areas of influence.We also train peer educators to be youth leaders who teach others to speak out on the issue. We are developing curricula and training for ourselves & other organisations to conduct workshops in their communities.

We are also preparing to actively help those caught in poverty making them vulnerable to be trafficked and give them a hand up in life – offering them a positive alternative to their seemingly hopeless situation. We have a responsibility to help protect vulnerable people, children and families at risk from human traffickers who are so ready to prey on them.

Purnata also plans to conducts prevention programs to vulnerable children, youth, women and families. We are in the process of identifying spots in Mumbai, Delhi & Kolkata that are vulnerable to trafficking and where children are being forced into the sex-trade.

Building Dreams

Our dream is that if children need to be enrolled in school we will help enrol them. We want to train young people who drop out from school and get into addictions and loose hope of a future to a decent level of literacy so that it gives them viable job options. We dont follow a welfare model but one of empowerment where we want vulnerable people to know & access their rights and increasingly learn to address their own issues. Each family’s needs are different, and therefore, require individual assessment and will be done by our social worker.

If needed we will work to improve the school system and provide adequate resources so that the children have an enjoyable place to study, where they would like to go back. In certain cases we may help relocate the child to a safer environment (like foster care or a prevention home) if we find that the child is at risk of being trafficked in their present environment. There they will be given a proper education, a safe place to live, food, medical care and all their daily needs. In some vulnerable communities, children fall behind in school because their parents can’t afford to send them consistently. This may even cause them to drop out altogether – increasing their chances of being trafficked. Purnata intends to establish an after-school learning program to combat this issue. Our centres will help children and young adults catch up on their schooling, so they can graduate successfully – giving them an opportunity to follow their dreams! We believe in offering them a hand up, not a handout. In other words, our goal is to teach them to become self-supportive over time through many self-sustaining projects. These programs will help families earn a good, stable income for the family.

THANK YOU for your generous financial support and prayers. Your contribution is truly making a difference in the lives of children and women; it’s helping protect/rescue little ones and letting them dream again.