Human Trafficking (HT) is the second largest illegal trade in the world, and the fastest growing crime. While it is a most heinous crime, it is also a multi-billion dollar business. The stories about the victims are too gory, the emotions too painful and the violence inhuman.

As we spent more time studying, reflecting, speaking with experts in this field we realised that there seemed to be a black hole, a never-ending problem. When one girl or a child was rescued another hundred have entered. And even the one that is rescued takes many years to walk the journey to restoration and inspite of that conservative estimates would be that one in every five would often either be re-trafficked or struggle to make it well.

In this agony and pain came a dream, a vision that was much larger than just the victim. We started seeing the vulnerable to-be victims, the customers and the dhabas and the factories and the consumers and so many others that fuel this industry. We realised that unless an effort is made to attack the root, unless something is done to break the back of human trafficking abd the profitability of the "business", nothing would ever happen. We would continue to rescue and rehabilitate girls and children till kingdom come but the problem would have grown a hydra head.

This is when the plan began to unfold. It took untold hours of reading, reflection, listening to the stories of survivors, interacting with them, consulting with the experts. The vision came little by little, almost daily, until it grew more clear and a picture began to emerge. A picture where people are whole, communities are whole, and a nation that is whole. Thus is born Purnata.


Purnata intends to work collaboratively with similar-minded organizations and individuals to address human trafficking through:

  • Prevention

    Reducing both the vulnerability of potential victims particularly in source areas, the demand for exploitation in all its forms in destination areas.
  • Rescue & Rehabilitate

    Protect and restore survivors of human trafficking to a life of dignity, purpose and economic independence, providing holistic, integrated livelihoods options.
  • Reintegrate & Repatriate

    Reintegrating survivors of human trafficking back to safe communities, both within the borders of India and abroad.
  • Research

    Bridge the current information gap on the situation of trafficking in persons, by providing accurate statistics and case studies, leading to addressable root causes.